VRay 3.0 for Maya is coming

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VRay 3.0 for Maya will be soon available, get ready to move to this new version !

The Release Candidate of VRay 3.0 for Maya is on track which is synonym to “end of the beta program” and “official release” for a very near future. Based on the release agenda of Chaos Group, only few days/weeks still to wait !
To get ahead of the traffic, here are some useful insights about the new VRay licensing.

Like for 3dsMax, VRay 3.0 for Maya comes with the new licensing policy as Workstation (WS) and Render Node (RN) licenses.

Workstation License

A WorkStation license grants access to the graphical user interface * GUI * of V-Ray in Maya (allowing to change settings related to V-Ray or cams / lights / …) so is clearly aimed for artists . It also includes a RN license to render using V-Ray on a computer node. Rendering (using Production or RT renderer) can be done on the same (local) machine or on a network slave node. It means that the workstation license is a ready-to-use license for an artist’s workstation and can also be used as a render node when no artist is working on it.

Render Node License

Set up a (potentially heavy) scene is kind of rewarding by itself but without available license to render on the render slaves is slightly annoying… That’s where this license comes into play, dedicated his life for rendering. This license will not be “accessible” within Maya, but only when distributed and/or network rendering is required. One of the other (nice) feature is that this license is said to be “universal”, i.e. it will be shared across all platforms (like a license pool) in version 3.0. For instance, a RN license will be re-usable for Maya, but also for 3dsMax or Softimage, and soon for Modo, Nuke, Rhino and Sketchup.

VRay for Maya Pricing

Before going alone in the dark, look first at your situation:

New (V-Ray) user and freelance artist

Starting from 750EUR for a Workstation license ! Be careful -> 1 WS only means no distributed or network rendering

New user and happy owner of your own renderfarm

There is a bundle Workstation + 5 Render Nodes at 1500EUR (so 250EUR savings versus a non-bundle offer)
For more RN licenses, volume discount is available – check out the price calculator V-Ray Render Node 3.0

V-Ray 2.0 for Maya user, commercial license bought before 20 February 2014

Each 2.0 license grants you eligibility to upgrade to 3.0 your WS license starting from 300EUR and also allow you to upgrade up to 10x RN with the upgrade pack 1WS + 10RN for 700EUR only ! Several upgrade paths are available depending on your needs, so once again the calculator is here VRay for 3dsMax (prices are the same). Oh and by the way, upgrading your RN is far cheaper than buying new one in few months! ;)

V-Ray 2.0 for Maya user, commercial license bought after 20 February 2014

Thank you Chaos Group and lucky you, you will receive a free upgrade to 3.0 including 1WS + 2RN. After that, you will still have up to 8RN (2.0) that you will be able to upgrade to 3.0… in accordance with your budget ;) – in one shot it will cost 500EUR for the 8RN upgrade (2.0 to 3.0 version).

If you wish to plan your upgrade budget or pre-order, open a support ticket on the CGShop or use the online calculator of VRay for 3dsMax ;)

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