VRay 3.0 for Maya

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VRay 3.0 for Maya now available on CGShop ! New licence or upgrade, it’s now time to get the latest release of ChaosGroup renderer.

VRay 3.0 for Maya

VRay 3.0 for Maya is now out, so you now can get latest VRay Features with Maya.

Faster Ray Tracing and Rendering Performance

V-Ray 3.0 for Maya introduces a faster ray tracing core that significantly speeds up a number of calculations for global illumination, lighting, shading and more. For additional speed gains, V-Ray 3.0 also includes an option to enable the Intel® Embree ray caster for static and motion-blurred geometry, proxy objects and instances.

Faster Feedback

V-Ray 3.0 for Maya adds a new Progressive Image Sampler with a full range of production features and is compatible with all of V-Ray’s GI algorithms such as irradiance map, light cache, and brute force path tracing. The Progressive Image Sampler generates quick feedback even with complex features such as volumetric effects, depth of field, and motion blur. An enhanced V-Ray RT engine renders directly in the Maya Viewport and supports animated sequences as well as final frame rendering.

Advanced Characters and Creatures

V-Ray 3.0 optimizes shading and rendering of millions of strands of semi-transparent hair with greater speed and efficiency. For added detail and realism, V-Ray 3.0 now supports subsurface scattering with object-based and ray traced illumination, and the new VRaySkinMtl skin shader.

VRay for Maya Licence

The licencing  system, and licence prices, are now exactly the same than VRay 3.0 for 3dsMax.  For notes this means you’ll have one licence for your WorkStation (WS) and one for rendering, RN. You can buy RN licence later but you’ll loose the bundle price which is only available with upgrade.

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