MODO Review by 3D World

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Modo viens de passer à la moulinette de l’excellent 3D World Magazine et obtient une note de 4/5.

Quelques extrait de l’article :


Started by ex-NewTek employees Luxology (now The Foundry) launched Modo as a Sub-Division modeller only, but quickly enhanced it with advanced rendering technologies such as the Live Preview window, and it has become well known for its excellent modelling and texturing toolset which has been bolstered by animation and dynamics.


Modo 901 is the most significant release so far. The inclusion of the Scripting layout, and the huge raft of enhancements that have been added will bring a smile to any existing user’s face. It also carries the stability improvements from 801 through to the new version on Windows and Mac, which is very welcome. The painting tools and sculpting tools in particular are much improved with greater fidelity, which, when coupled with the Advanced Viewport gives a really good environment for character modelling or adding textures to hard surface meshes. The wireframe shader is a great example of a new addition that just ‘works’ – it can be used to drive transparency, displacement, you name it. The addition of upgrades to core standards such as EXR, Alembic and now OpenSubDiv, which, with the excellent new UDIM support for UV, make Modo 901 perfect to build assets for any other application or game engine.

Vous pouvez telecharger l’article complet.

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