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It’s official, VRay 3.0 is the CGShop! Updated or new license now enjoy the new version of the renderer ChaosGroup.

Buy VRay 3.0 !

You can find on the blog a more detailed features of this 3.0, and the first review of the engine. CGShop on, I’ll stay focused on explaining the new pricing policy that accompanies this version change. I warn you it is not very simple, rates are numerous and there is some change in the operation of the licensing system.

Aside from the fact that the price of a new license drop 220 €, the big change is the adoption of two new licenses types: Workstation Licenses and Render Nodes Licenses.

By the way, any upgrade to VRay 3.0 will allow you to keep your VRay 2.0 license for 6 months.

Workstation Licence

A Workstation Licence (WS) understand the production version of the engine, that is to say VRay and GUI in 3dsMax and a Render Node license for this computer. Basically it is a full license 1 position, as you know it today with your workstation. If you do not use additional PC to make VRay Distributed Rendering or network rendering​, for example with Backburner, this license is for you!

VRay 3.0 - WorkStation

Render Node Licence

This is where things change! Do you use your PC more workstation for rendering? If the answer is yes you will have to invest in Render Node licenses for these computers. This therefore cheaper simplified version of VRay is intended solely for the use of VRay Distributed Rendering or network rendering.

The big news is that the license is also called universal, understand that it will be valid for all the platforms supported by VRay 3.0. Currently there are only 3dsMax system that supports this but here you can enjoy some time RN license compatible with 3ds Max, Maya, Sketchup, Rhino etc..

VRay 3.0 - Render Node

L’upgrade VRay 3.0

The upgrade of your VRay license should reflect your needs in RN license, the second important point is the pricing that goes with upgrades . So far you have 10 licenses included Network but now no longer the case as you’ll also have to update the RN licenses in addition to your WS upgrade to VRay 3.0.

You are limited to 10 RN license for WS license when you do an upgrade. Knowing this, ChaosGroup offers to buy Pack of 5 or 10 at a preferential rate or just buy the unit. The concept of upgrade RN ( RN 10 to 1 WS) remains valid , so you can upgrade your WS today and return in a few weeks / months to upgrade your RN . That said, the rates RN unit surely make you to spend on packs 😉

If you need more than 10 RN licenses, the number is not limited depending on your WS , it’s just that from the eleventh license you spend on the normal rate of RN licenses and no longer enjoy the Upgrade price.

Finally, note that the rates are not the same if you have version 1.5 or 2.0 but the upgrade conditions (10 for RN 1 WS) and preferential tariffs that go with follow exactly the same logic.

VRay 3.0 - Upgrade

Academic Licence

Students are not spared! Academic license VRay also benefits from a new policy also with the license key to the year & renewable. There is also a distinction Student / Teacher and School which enables schools to benefit from group rates. Academic Licences are available on the CGShop, simply fill out all fields to order your license! If you are a school or a training commands are only in manual, I invite you to open a support ticket for a custom quote.

VRay 3.0 - Academic

License term rental

Finally, ChaosGroup also launches a rental system license with the availability of WS & RN license and the year or month. These products are not yet available on the CGShop but are upon request 🙂

Pricing List

Here is a summary of VRay 3.0 prices, all prices Without dongle & no VAT :


To facilitate maximum desired product pages are all equipped calculator to guide you better and help you calculate your rate yourself. If you are lost do not hesitate to ask for help by opening a support ticket, we’ll calculate the best upgrade strategy for you to enjoy the best price.

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