VRay Render Node 3.0

From 40€

VRay Render Node 3.0 – Universal license for VRay Distributed Rendering or Network Rendering by ChaosGroup

V- Ray is known for its speed and by default uses any resource on your workstation (multi -core CPU or GPU ) for rendering.

Not fast enough ? Need more ? Don’t worry, with RN you can significantly reduce your render time by using all available power on your network. Use one or more computers servers for rendering a still image or animation.

Distributed Rendering  is preferred for rendering a still image , allowing all nodes to participate in the report. The image is divided into “bucket ” and each virtual CPU core ( thread) available will be assigned a bucket to make .

Network Rendering  is used especially for rendering animation, rendering each node is assigned on a frame. At the end you get a bunch of images in the animation that can be viewed in Pdplayer or imported into your post-production software (Nuke, AE, …).

This not only concerns the final renderings and therefore the V- Ray production engine , but it also relates to rendering via VRayRT CPU mode and same GPU !

To make reports or distributed network, each node rendering must have access to a licensed rendering universal V -Ray Render Nodes 3.0.
1 node = 1 machine unlimited number of core / thread or number of graphics cards available.

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