VRay Academic (Student / Teacher)

From 74€

Academic VRay – Developing a whole new generation of 3D artists by ChaosGroup

Are you a student in CG school with a diploma at the key aspiring VFX artist, architect or designer product ?
Or a teacher in a school and eager to train your students on the best solutions on the market ?

ChaosGroup gives you the opportunity to spend enhancing your education or knowledge by putting at your disposal the latest rendering technology via its academic offerings .
Unleash your artistic potential by forming now on V- Ray, the industry’s most complete and most visited and used in the CG industry , and thus increase your chances of success.

Make you a better idea of what schools and students are able to achieve with V- Ray in their program.

Solutions in V- Ray Academic license are reserved for non- commercial productions.
Each license is renewable on condition of eligibility and available as an annual subscription ( 1 year / 12 months).
During the subscription period , any new major or minor update is available.

Academic license (student or teacher) is limited to one license per platform per person (eg a student can not have 2 V -Ray for 3ds Max Academic licenses but may have 1 V- Ray license for each platform).